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upwards and downwards lighting LED panel lamp

This product is our newly developed double-headed floor standing lamp. The unique design can make the lamp range wider and the light is more even and soft. It has four different intelligent dimming modes, and the user can switch the optimal lighting mode according to actual needs.

Ultra wide diameter round led panel light

The big round up and down lighting panel light adopts the minimalist style of European design concept, which is luxurious and beautiful. And the light-emitting surface can be customized according to the user’s requirements to provide a good decorative effect for the lighting environment.

About Us

Loevet is a professional manufacturer of LED lighting fixture in China, focus on developing, manufacturing, selling and service of various commercial LED lighting: square, round, rectangular LED panel lights; upwards and downwards lighting LED panels, waterproof LED panel lights, CCT LED panel lights, RGB LED panel lights, RGBW LED panel lights, RGBWW LED panel lights,, double wings LED panel light, linear LED lights, tri proof LED lights, LED wall lights, standing LED floor lamps, LED grow lights and other LED lights for project needs.

All our LED lights  are strictly in accordance with CE, UL, cUL, DLC, SAA, PSE, KS standards, if you are looking for a quality OEM LED lighting factory and partner, please don’t hesitate to contact: [email protected] .