LOEVET Lighting announced energy-efficient, no flicker led replacements for both traditional incandescent lamp and tube light with its UL &cUL & DLC certificated ultra-thin led panel light. Dimmable and Non-dimmable options are available. Two sizes are issused, 2×2 and 2×4, the actual size is 603x603mm and 603x1213mm with the less comsumption of only 40W/54W/60W/72W, compared to the traditional lamps’ high watts.

We started to the advertise of 2×2 and 2×4 UL listed led panel light from the beginner of 2015 through Internet. After around 2month broadcast, we got a project, which is used for one of the newly-opened Fitness Center in California US. Matthew Zuker—the designer of the Fitness Center, he shared his idea with us about the demanding lamps. That comes two points, Firstly, the lamps should be energy saving, as they have the very limited budget for annually on electric bills; Secondly, they would like to let the light goes down automatically 70% if no ones in the room for 10 minutes.

Which Kinds of LED Panel Light We recommend to our customer?

UL certificated 2x4 54W led panel with Microwave sensor control.

And compared between 3×36w traditional grille lamp and 2×4–54W 90lm per watt UL approved led panel light, if the Fitness Center requires 135pcs lamps, the sheet shows the Power & maintenance savings over 5 years. (Note: this is the case when all the lamps lighting 10 hours per day during 5 years) Additionally, as we offered the light up and down automatically led panel to our customer, that’s to say, more power and electric bills will be saved.

One month later, the customer received the led panel and installed in his Fitness Center. Enclosed the effect pictures as the pictures: 135pcs 2×4 54W UL led panel light installed .

Both the worker and member were very excited when they come into the newly-opened Fitness Center “this is a brilliantly bright and amazingly thin led panel that you can mount in various way”says Mr Matthew, as I introduced the designer of the Fitness Center.

One of the member called Tom, who works for photographer. “my favorite hobbies is to capture every precious memories into my camera” Tom say, when I entranced the room, I am amazed by the soft led panel, I would like to keep this fantastic pictures into my memories.