This is something that we all wonder about, how to install LED panels light? Especially those who have bought it, they are confused now. LED lights are a new addition to this world of lights and technology. Since their inception, they have been very beneficial. Nowadays, people are preferring the LED lights rather the normal light bulbs. They are the perfect alternative to the old gird based fluorescent luminaries. They provide a well lighted up environment which is why these lights are now getting increasingly popular. We have highlighted the procedure of how to install the LED Panel lights.

The Mandatory Steps

Installing these lights can be a very tough job. That is why we thought about making a guide for you. Now that you have bought the new LED panels, you should know, how to install them. If you are doing this for the very first time, then we would recommend you to go through the user manual as we do not want you to get into any trouble. After all, it is all linked with electricity and current. So, make sure that you read the user manual as it will help you in the rest of the procedure as well.

Now, the next step is to find a suitable place for your lights. We would recommend you to place your light somewhere near the power socket. It is because it will help you in saving the money of your wire and it reduces its length as well. Make sure that you take a note of the dimension so that it is comfortable for you to drill holes.

Now in the next step, we will tell you the different types of LED lights and how to install them.

Types of LED Panel Lights and How to Install Them

As there are many types of LED panel light in the market, we will tell you one by one how to install the one that you have.

1. Suspended LED Panel Light

If you are using the suspended LED panel lights then follow these steps:

  • Install the accessories in the panel lights.
  • Use the screws which are given to fix the hanging cables.

2. Recessed LED Panel Light

  • First of all, remove your traditional grid lights.
  • Choose the right replacements so that it adjusts in the grid.
  • Screw the two clips.

3. Ceiling Mounted LED Panel Light

  • Set the clip where you want your lights to be installed.
  • Fit the other screw to the panel.
  • Screw the other two clips with the m4x8 screws.

4. Wall Mounted LED Panel Light

  • Screw the panel in the exact position where you want your lights to be. Make sure that they are tight.
  • Drill a hole in the ceiling. Make sure its size is exactly the size of the bracket.

5. Spring Clips LED Panel Light

  • Put the spring in the clip.
  • Through the ring, screw the other side of the clip into the panel.
  • Attach the panel in the hole which you did in the ceiling.