Loevet manufacture a kind of flat LED panel light with ultra-thin, energy-saving and environmental protection, this LED panel light is made of latest technology of LED SMD LED chips. As a energy-saving and environmental friendly light, this LED panel light can totally replace traditional lamp for modern lighting and decoration, is popular among consumers and favored by industry projects, with advantages of good color consistency, optional color temperature, high brightness, long lifespan, low energy consumption, green environmental protection and so on.

LED panel lights installation method as follow:

The first installation method is recessed installation:

Firstly ,you should install a metal slot sheet in the ceiling, then fix several protruding bracket on the back of LED panel light, the LED panel light can be stably installed on the ceiling if the bracket is corresponded with metal slot. But different ceilings have different thickness, so you need to adjust the height between the lamp and the bracket avoiding different height between the lamp and the bracket.

recessed led panel light

The second installation method is surface mounted installation:

Firstly, drill a few screw holes in the ceiling, then mount the LED panel lights surface mounting fixture on the ceiling, fixing the three sides of LED panel light surface mounting fixture , then slide the LED panel light into the fixed surface mounting fixture, fixed the fourth sides of the surface mounting fixture to finish the installation.

18w small surface mounted led light panel

The third installation method is linear suspension installation:

Fixed the linear suspension fixtures with screws on the ceiling,connect the hanging wires with the hooks on the back of LED panel lights ( usually the hanging wires already fixed on the linear suspension fixture after ex-factory ). User should ask clearly if the linear suspension fixtures is included in the quotation or you need to buy extra fixtures when selecting linear led panel lights.

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