As represent of energy-saving lamp, LED panel light has lots of advantages such as ultra-thin, energy saving, long life, high brightness, no radiation, no flicker etc, they are suitable for modern office and home decoration.  But there are still many uneven quality LED panel lights in the market, it is difficult to distinguish. How to choose a quality led panel light ? You must choose it from the following aspects:

Lamp body: good quality LED panel light usually comes in a fully sealed state, combining the panel together with the cover. This kind of led panel light can be moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-mosquito, and the heat dissipation effect is good, because the whole lamp body made of metal shell, service life of this kind of LED panel light will be longer too. But there are also some poor quality LED panel lights, their panels and cover is separated and only the panel is made of metal, the light body is made of plastic, although this kind of LED panel light is light, but with a terrible cooling effect, if electrifying this light for a long time, the temperature will be very high because of bad heat dissipation, it will result in light failure and a shorter lifespan. As the cover and panel has a gap, so this kind of LED panel light is easily access to dust, water, vapor, mosquitoes, etc, you have to clean it frequently.

Material: the material of the cover is also related to the LED panel light lifespan. High quality LED panel lights generally use anti-oxidation aluminum alloy, which can be used in any humid environment as normal and avoid rust and leakage, etc.,  And some poor quality LED panel lights, using light body made of iron, it is very easy to rust, in the damp environment may also has risk of electricity leakage.  To verify whether the light  body is made of iron, you can try to use the magnet to suck, you should not purchase it if it is iron.

Light guide plate: the light guide plate is the outer part of LED panel light which guide through the light, light guide plate material can be classified to composite acrylic, ordinary acrylic, imported acrylic  etc., currently the best one is the imported acrylic plate.

This plate has a high lighting guide efficiency, so that the LED panel light have uniform and soft light as well as long lifespan. Poor LED panel lights, their light guide plates are generally made of cheap recycled materials which have more impurities,  without good light transmittance, uneven brightness, which is harmful for your eyes.

Lamp chip:  at present the LED panel light generally use SMD led chips as lighting source, which result in a longer service lifespan and better lighting effect.  Now SMD3014 LED chip is a better choice,  with higher brightness and longer lifespan, with a good processing precision. The poor quality LED panel lights, the LED chips using single gold wire, some even using copper wire, making a shorter service life and lower brightness.

Power supply: ballast is the heart of LED lights, it is directly related to the lamp life. Quality LED panel lights are usually use IC-driven constant current power supply, which has functions of shortage, overload protection etc, that’s safe and stable, ensuring a good lifespan of LED panel light.Some of the lamp ballast with a solid waterproof filling, has a good waterproof, cooling effect, but no protection functions as former ones. The poor quality LED panel lights, use poor quality irrigation, it simply can not guarantee the service life of the lamp. You should  pay attention to the quality of the ballast when you are selecting LED panel light.

LED panel lights, with long working life, low power consumption, no radiation, small size,  are suitable for living room, kitchen, bathroom and other application, safer and more environment friendly.

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