Living room is usually used for leisure, entertainment, family gathering and reception for guest. Thus the living room both need ordinary lighting and guest reception environment as well as home lighting atmosphere, which indicates modern living room should take a multi-level lighting, combining the main lighting with the auxiliary lighting to create a space atmosphere.

Generally speaking,  guest reception area is the center of living room with functions of meet  guests , entertainment as well as reading , it obviously is an important area we need to emphasis during lighting decoration .  Although there are many factors we need to consider, maybe we usually install a main light in front of sofa, or on the coffee table, offering a mount of brightness lighting for living room, for the main light you can choose pendant light, floor lamp, ceiling light, for the lamp size you can decide it depending on the size of living room, if your living room just has a small size and a low height about 2.6m, I advise you choose a ceiling light, but if your living room have enough space and height, I advise you choose a pendant light.

How about the illumination? Usually, whether listen to the music or watch TV , we have low requirement about lighting lux, so we can choose a light with soothing effect, LED dimming pendant light or table lamp is a good choice, with energy-saving and dimmable, the best advantage of floor lamp is easy to move as well as it is also practical to create corner atmosphere.

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