Wholesale dimmable CCT LED panel lights from China manufacturer with proven quality at competitive price, 9 year’s manufacturing experience enables us to always supply popular smart control CCT LED panels as well as providing superb CCT LED panel solutions for different project lighting needs.

LOEVET CCT LED panel light is a type of functional led fixtures, which can control the color temperature ( among 3000k – 6500k ) and brightness of panel lighting by remote controller. Co-using with wireless remote controller, receiving controller and led panel lamps.

For LOEVET CCT led panel, we possessed the features of ultra-thin, uniform light, 2.4G high frequency wireless remote controller, low power consumption, long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability, high rate of air communication. For LOEVET remote controller, it with fashion and beautiful appearance, easy operation, groups control. What’s more, LOEVET CCT Led Panel is workable with the smart phone, tablet PC, through connecting the WiFI controller.

LOEVET CCT LED Panel Light is widely used for indoor lighting, such as: meeting room, hotel, office, factory, hospital, school, station, jewelry store.