2018 latest RGBW LED panel lights for wholesale from China manufacturer, they are hot sale currently. Loevet RGBW led panel lighting is designed to emit not only white but also colorful even output of light across the entire surface of the panel lights. Suitable for party lighting, bar lighting, club lighting, basement lighting, light box and sign back lighting, accent lighting etc.

Designed with external constant current constant voltage power supply, Loevet RGBW led panel lights come in 300×300mm, 300×600mm, 600×600mm, 620x620mm, 300×1200mm and 600×1200mm sizes and in RGB + cool white, RGB + warm white, RGB + commercial white color temperatures. Wattage varies by size.

Waterproof process: Using the whole light hit waterproof glue, using environmentally harmless silicone rubber handle holes and outlet ports, to prevent the phenomenon of water penetration to panel lights.

Anti-radio interference meet CE certificate requirements, as well as lead-free, green ROHS compliant.

IP protection grade up to IP67.

If you are looking for a reliable RGBW LED panel lights supplier for long term cooperation or solution provider for your lighting projects, Shenzhen Loevet Lighting is the right choice.