The purpose of school LED lighting system is to provide schools with a comfortable, scientific lighting environment, how to make school lighting system both scientific and good environment, so that primary and secondary school students in modern school buildings can receive better education, which is the constant pursuit of all architectural design staff. In addition to traditional lighting in classrooms, most of the teaching area with slideshow, movie, projector, television and other audio-visual equipment for teaching; teaching mainly in daytime, during the night students can study themselves, so the school lighting system design is particularly important, the following is school lighting project package Loevet provide to one of our school projects:

LED lighting solutions for Library

Library lighting: the vast majority of school library using LED panel lights for lighting

LED panel light, LED tube or LED grille lamp for Classroom lighting

Classroom lighting: general classroom lighting are choosing LED panel light or LED tube or LED grille lamp three types.

LED tube light for teachers' office

Teachers’ office lighting facilities one: LED tube light

LED panel light for teachers' office

Teachers’ office lighting facilities two: LED panel light

LED grille lights for school meeting room

School meeting room lighting facilities: LED grille lights

The above is a part of the project plan provided by Loevet Lighting for School Lighting. China Loevet lighting focuses on the one-stop LED lighting project in schools, government, hospitals and offices; we have rich experience in engineering projects, and we have full certification of various lighting products , we sincerely welcome customers to consult and visit our factory.