Nowadays, with the constantly increasing lighting project of supermarket, shopping mall, office and warehouse, it rapidly need higher quality LED lights to settle these requirements.  Let’s think about the lighting project of supermarket, if the supermarket could arrange the wires before installing its lighting, how much labor costs could be saved for your project? Thus Loevet designs and promotes this LED linear pendant light, which will totally settle this problem in supermarket.

When we issue the two wings LED pendant lights on the exhibition and online, it received lots of hot feedback from most clients, which make us have more confident in this linear pendant LED light.

Compared with traditional light, LED linear pendant light uses just a little fraction of energy, thus there is a dramatic decrease in power cost.  The latest Loevet LED linear panel light will provide the headroom a better focus on light in performance angle. Loevet lighting can offer an excellent quality light in terms of color rendering index and accurate bright, then we still offer a higher luminous lux advantage over traditional LED.

Now, let’s look at the pros of Loevet linear pendant light:

1.With special structure, super bright and even light, integrated linear batten,attractive appearance,  easy to install;
2.Linkable without gap, available in sort of dimmable version, low glare rate;
3.Anodic oxidation, with good heat dissipation and long service life;
4.Combined to be T and L shapes, and other customized shape at different sizes.
5.Compared with traditional lamps, the linear pendant light is more energy-saving.
6.Combined with twin bars, each bar can be rotated up to 120 degrees.
7.Ideal for corridor using: set in the middle, illuminates two sides.

if you have any question about  our two wings LED panel light or you are interested in our product, we are welcome you to contact us by email: [email protected] at any time.