Project:  (YH)YONGHUI Supermarket in Chongqing City, China. 

Loevet Lighting got a requirements.YH Supermarket is one of the most famous shopping markets in China, just like Walmart, RT-Mart etc, enjoyed very good and high business reputation after more than 20 years development. As one of the majored Chinese supermarkets, response the government’s call of energy saving policy will be their indispensable duty and the YH are also looking for a better lighting source to reach both decorate & saving energy saving functions. Very lucky we received a inquiry from YH and know their purpose want to achieve. After a short and efficiently conversation between us, finally we offered them our new designed linear pendant lights for their reference, after we do the dialux design work together we reach an agreement about the watt and quantity of linear pendant lights to use.

90°beam angle.
High light efficiency, Energy saving; No-flicker, Eyecare and healthy.
Reasonable optical design make the lights can be more focused.
Aluminum frame good for heat dissipation, lifespan can reach
50000 hours.

Products offered:

Size: 1195*177*35mm

Watt: 40W

Color temperature: 4000-4500K

Quantity: 3000pcs

Results achieved: 

-Maximized long-term energy and maintenance savings

-Increased light level by 25%

-No UV damage to merchandise

Product info: