Project Description

Factory direct sale 2×4 ceiling lights 72W & acrylic waterproof led panel light from Shenzhen Loevet Lighting Co.,ltd for commercial lighting, 3 years warranty, suitable for aisle lighting and other places need high waterproof performance lighting .

Our high efficiency waterproof 2×4 ceiling LED panel light include a special and also appealing style for both old and brand-new home. Also lighting throughout the side lit ceiling LED panel light provides the light a sleek, tidy appearance while giving superb light distribution. Ideal for usage in living area, workplaces, healthcare centers, kitchen areas, and also factories. The 2×4 ceiling LED panel lights high Ra (80+) likewise makes them suitable for stores as well as exhibitions, where natural color and good looking lights are necessary.

Waterproof 2×4 ceiling LED panel light are simple to mount as drop ceiling lights or pendant hanging fixtures. They need little maintenance cost throughout their 50000 hours regular working life. The LED panel lights can be turned on quickly without flickering, noise, or blind areas over the life of the light. These side lit LED panel lights are amazing, assisting to maintain your electricity bill reduced while supplying 50% even more brightness compared with a 120 cm tube light.

– Side lit waterproof 2×4 ceiling LED panel light gives constant lighting without dark spots
– Available in natural white, cold white, commercial white (2800-6500K ).
– Waterproof 2×4 ceiling LED panel light dimension: 1195 mm x 595 mm x 10 mm.
– IP64 – IP66 waterproof and dust proof grade, ideal for wet places and outdoor lighting applications.
– 100-270V AC rated working voltage.
– Includes digital controller.
– Cool running; with little heat wasted.
– Energy effective and also basically maintenance-free with 5000 hours regular life span.
– 3 years service warranty.

Do You Want Suspending Mount Kits?
Each suspending mount package includes the aluminum support to hang one waterproof 2×4 ceiling LED panel light. You will certainly require a suspension set for below situations:

Mounting panels in drop-ceiling grids where buildings, regional, or decoration needs ask for additional assistance through suspending cords.

You could include suspension packages to your order when buy from Loevet lighting.

Surface Mount Frame Kit.
Loevet surface mount fixture sets enable easy, secure, as well as eye-catching fixing of LED Panel Lights to essentially any type of smooth surface area. Readily available in an intense white, matte surface to match the trim of our waterproof 2×4 ceiling LED panel light, the structures are manufactured of sturdy, yet lightweight, squeezed out aluminum. The 2″ fixture height supplies adequate clearance to conceal the power supply installation and also significantly streamlines setup. Fixtures set up in mins and also openings within the fixture enable very easy fixing with screws that are concealed from sight when the LED panel light is mounted.

Detailed technical specifications

Rated Power: 72W (Watts)
Working Voltage: DC 24V – DC 36V / AC110-240V
Beam Angle: 120°
LED Chips: high quality Sanan SMD2835 led chips
Color:  Warm White ( 2750K-3250K ), Natural White (3750K-4250K ), Cool White ( 5750K-6250K )
CRI: >80
Luminous Flux: 5701 lm ( Warm White ), 5879 lm (Natural White), 6163 lm (Cool White)
Enclosure material:  Acrylic / Aluminum
Reflector: milk color PMMA
Power factor: >0.9
Saving energy: 50%
Protection Grade: IP64
Insulation Grade: F
Warranty: 3 years warranty
Net Weight: 10.4 KGS


1. The luminance uniformity of the emitting surface is over 80%.
2. All sides are lined with high qaulity Sanan SMD2835 led chips to ensure optimal illumination.
3. High light output and reduced energy consumption of up to 50%.
4. Over 50’000 hours life expectancy.
5. Wide angle of deflection with even light distribution.
6. No start-up time, no flickering, no humming.
7. High efficiency (95%) constant current driver with built in overheat protection that remains
stable at a wide range of input voltages.
8. Independent LED circuit prevents complete blackout in case an LED fails.
9. Environmentally friendly, no mercury and no lead.
10. Causes no electromagnetic interference.
11. No UV, no IR
12. Warranty: 3 years warranty


  • Hotels
  • Conference & meeting rooms
  • Factories & Offices
  • Commercial purposes
  • Residential & institution buildings
  • Schools, colleges & Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Places where energy saving and high color rendering index lighting are needed.

Seeking for led panel 60×60 42W & UK panel light from China factory with cheap price, powered by Sanan SMD2835 LED chips, 5 years warranty, good for UK market .

Product Detailed Images

Thermal Radiation Aluminum Frame

Aeronautics aluminum
high heat conductivity
with 3mm wall thickness aluminum
could solve the thermal dissipation of ceiling lights
smooth aluminum silver color surface area finishing
cream white surface area finishing are appreciated

Density Of Ceiling  Lights

An incredibly slim structure style
the thickness of the ceiling lights is only 10 mm

Light Guiding Plate

Make use of the market brand name
premium quality PMMA imported from Germany as basic material
the light plate produced in Taiwan
remarkably harmony lighting distribution on the glossy surface
the light is soft not dazzling
high light transmittance
no franklinic electricity
do not absorb dust

Diffuser Plate

Superb chemical stability
heat stability
light-admitting high quality (light passage over 90%)
powerful refractivity as well as electric protecting property
superb water proof performance
anti franklinic electricity and also hard to absorb dust

The Back Of Ceiling Lights

100% 6063 aluminum product
good for heat radiation
blue protection film to prevent being scraped

LED Chips

South Korea’s Samsung SMD5630 LED chips
the chip size:42 * 27 MIL

LED Chips

Ultra brightness Taiwan Epistar SMD2835 LEDs
the chip size:10 * 30MIL

Power Supply

LiFud Power Supply
no Flickering Design

Ceiling Lights Unboxing

External power driver
top quality terminals make sure excellent contact

Packing Of Ceiling Lights

Thickening foam internal package
5 layers KK carton box to give double security protection

2×4 72W acrylic waterproof led panel light dimension layout : ( measured by mm/inch )

2x4 72W acrylic waterproof led panel light dimension layout

2×4 72W acrylic waterproof led panel light lm-80 test report

2x4 72W acrylic waterproof led panel light lm-80 test report

2×4 72W acrylic waterproof led panel light lm-79 light source test report

2x4 72W acrylic waterproof led panel light lm-79 light source test report

How to install 2×4 72W acrylic waterproof led panel light

How to install 2x4 72W acrylic waterproof led panel light

1.Turn off the power switch.
2.Connect the output-terminal with utility power(AC 100-240V) by using wiring unit, make certain that no copper wire is bared.
3. Connect the output-terminal DC plug of current driver with the lamp’s DC plug, insure this connection secure.
4.Put the 2×4 72W acrylic waterproof led panel light and current driver to the suitable place by convenient installation.
5.Turn on the power switch.