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Dali Dimmable LED Panel Lights


(1) Output current level selectable by DIP S.W
(2) 180~295VAC input only.
(3) Dali dimmable LED Panel Light Built-in active PFC function.
(4) Protections: Short circuit / Over voltage / Over temperature.
(5) Cooling by free air convection Dali dimmable LED Panel Light.
(6) Dali dimmable LED Panel Light Fully isolated plastic case.
(7) ClassⅡpower unit, no FG.
(8) Built-in DALI interface and push dimming function.
(9) Optional 12V/50mA auxiliary output.
(10) IP20 design.
(11) Logarithm or linear dimming curve selectable.
(12) Temperature compensation function by external NTC.
(13) No load power consumption <0.5W.
(14) Power supplies synchronization function up to 10 units..
(15) Suitable for indoor LED lighting applications.
(16) 3 years warranty.

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Dali Dimmable LED Panel Lights


Selectable Current:350-1050mA
DC voltage range:2-100V
Rated Power:26~40W
Ripple Current:±5%
Ripple & Noise(max.):700mVp-p
No-load Output Voltage(max.):110V
Current Accuracy:±5%
Setup, Rise Time:500ms, 80ms / 230VAC at rated power
Hold Up Time:16ms/230VAC at rated power
Voltage Range:180 ~ 295VAC 254 ~ 417VDC
Frequency Range:47 ~ 63Hz
Power Factor(Typ.):PF≧0.975/230VAC, PF≧0.96/277VAC at rated power
Total Harmonic Distortion:THD will be lower than 20% when output loading is 75% or higher
AC Current(Typ.):0.23A/230VAC
Inrush Current(Typ.)COLD START 20A(twidth=260μs measured at 50% Ipeak) at 230VAC
Leakage Current:<0.5mA / 240VAC
Short Circuit:Constant current limiting, recovers automatically after fault is removed
Over Voltage:110 ~ 130V
Over Temperature:Shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover
Auxiliary Power(optional):12V @ 50mA for driving fan; Tolerance ±5%
Temp.Compensation:By external NTC(not provide with the power supply)
Working Temp.:-30 ~ +60℃ (Refer to “Derating Curve”)
Working Humidity:20 ~ 90% RH non-condensing
Storage Temp.,Humidity:-40 ~ +80℃, 10 ~ 95% RH
Safety Standards:UL8750, ENEC, GB19510.14,GB19510.1 approved
DALI Standards:Comply with IEC62386-101, 102, 207
Withstand Voltage.:I/P-O/P:3.75KVAC
EMC Emission:Compliance to ENEC;Class C;GB17625.1,GB17743

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