Project Description

0-10V 6w-60w Dimmable LED Panel Light

(1) The output current can be adjusted via DIP switch,a total of eight current gear for your choice.
(2) Push button dimmer, with memory function in case of power-down.
(3) Dimmable 0-10V Led Panel Light 1-10V signal dimming Dimmable 0-10V Led Panel Light .
(4) Dimming can be controlled by multiple controllers working synchronically.
(5) High power factor, low THD Dimmable 0-10V Led Panel Light .
(6) Protection features include short circuit, over-temperature,and over-voltage.
(7) Life of up to 50,000 hours or more.
(8) Comply with CE, UL, CQC certification requirements

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Dimmable LVT-Z-PLxxxx-30

Dimmable LVT-Z-PLxxxx-60


Emergency Panel Light Instructions
Range of AC Input Voltage 200-240VAC
Output Voltage 58VDC Max
Output Current 700mA Max
Current accuracy range ±3%-5%
Power Factor 0.91
AC Inrush Current Test Cold Boot,<30A&240VAC
Overload Protection Range: 110- 130% rated output current/Model: Hiccup mode& Automatic recovery
Short Circuit Protection Hiccup mode& Automatic recovery
Withstand Voltage I/P-O/P:1750VAC 5mA
Operating Temperature -20~50℃
Mean time between failures >50000H MIL-HDBK-217F 25℃)
Meet the certification CE UL CQC
Conform to Safety Standards EN61347-1,EN61347-2-13
PF Value ≥0.91
Harmonic ≤18%
Conversion Efficiency 85%
Shell Size L103xW67xH26mm