Project Description

Emergency LED Panel Lights

(1)  Emergency time with half power working, it can energy savingalso can reduce the costs;
(2)  when the AC work properly, the battery is in charging/stanby state.When earthquake, explosions and other emergency accidents caused by AC Off, the battery pack working to ensure the lighting;
(3)  Green: Nornal main poer; Red Charging; Yellow: Fault condition;
(4)  The battery at full condition, ir will maintain charge status, compensation self-discharge, ensure the battery in good condition and prolong the life span;
(5)  Emergency time: 1-5hrs options, 3 hrs is the most popular option;
(6)  Working temperature: -20~ ±60℃.
(7)  With the high temperature resistance Ni-MH rechargeable battery.
(8)  Applicable to 0W-50W of LED panel light, lamp and other emergency lighting
(9)  Applicable to the led light with a external drive power.
(10)  When the emergency ,it is about the half power of the light ,it is energy-saving, and easy for the user to save costs .
(11)   International electrical wiring ,it is half of the power when emergency ,and three kinds of color indicator light
(12)  Strictly fellow the wiring diagram to connect the wire ,and please don’t open the cover without professional worker .

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Emergency Panel Light


Emergency Panel Light Specifications
Model of Power SupplyThe inverter and 12V Ni-MH rechargeable battery
Input VoltageAC170~260V ±30V /50~60HZ DC25~90V
Output VoltageDC 20~60V
Charging timeThe charging inverter can protect the circuit,and has no damage to the
battery,generally the emergency time should obey the following times:
The power scope 0-50W LED light source<12W*1, LED Spot Light<40W*1,don’t support more
than 2 emergency light for lighting. It is unstable and dangerous with double light
Emergency time>1.5hours, or according to our clients’ requirement to design the emergency time.
Charging protected
the voltage
Discharging terminated
the voltage
Display settingsGreen Light–main line, Red Light–charging, Yellow Light–trouble
20~60℃、65+20% RH
The charging current100~200mA
The size of battery350x75x57mm(The size of the power supply depends on the power,for
the specification, please consult our sales.)


Emergency movement is the core device which controls the battery charge or discharge and start the lighting when under emergency must ensure the wiring is correct. After under normal use, need to discharge once every three months for battery conservation and extend the battery life. Emergency lighting power installed and put into use, need to regularly check, maintain, examine and repair when discover the abnormal condition,or inform the supplier to deal with.