Project Description

Top rated led panel rgbw 30×30 18W & RGBW led panel lamp from China manufacturer at affordable price, lighted by SMD 5050 Epistar LED chips, minimum 50000 hours life span, perfect for France market .



Detailed technical specifications

Rated Power: 18W (Watts)
Working Voltage: DC 24V
Beam Angle: 120°
LED Chips: Epistar SMD 5050 led chips
Color:  RGBW
Enclosure material: Die-casting
Reflector: milk color PMMA
Power factor: >0.9
Saving energy: 50%
Protection Grade: IP43
Warranty: 3 years warranty
Net Weight: 2.5 KGS


1. Ultra-thin design,excellent uniformity, elegant button type controller.
2. Life span: 50000 hours.
3. Wide range of input voltage: AC110-270V.
4. Instant start, no noise, no flickering.
5. Cool white, warm white adjusting switch freely.
6. No electrical wave interference, confirm to the standard of CE.
7. No plumbum, green environment friendly, confirm to the standard of RoHS.
8. No RF interference.


  • Hotels
  • Conference & meeting rooms
  • Factories & Offices
  • Commercial purposes
  • Residential & institution buildings
  • Other lighting applications

led panel lamp rgbw 30×30 18W dimension layout : ( measured by mm/inch )
led panel lamp rgbw 30x30 18W dimension layout

How to install led panel lamp rgbw 30×30 18W

How to install led panel lamp rgbw 30x30 18W
1.Turn off the power switch.
2.Connect the output-terminal with utility power(AC 100-240V) by using wiring unit, make certain that no copper wire is bared.
3. Connect the output-terminal DC plug of current driver with the lamp’s DC plug, insure this connection secure.
4.Put the 18w 30×30 RGBW led panel lamp and current driver to the suitable place by convenient installation.
5.Turn on the power switch.