Project Description

Cheap modern fashionable white 3 years warranty ultra slim ceiling IP65 dimming motion sensor  led panel light for home lighting from China professional trusted led motion sensor ceiling  lamp manufacturer , with 100% aluminum housing design best cooling surface treatment, imported light guide plate,  SMD3030 LED chips, CCC, CREE, E-Mark, ROHS certification available, high light intensity, high luminous up to 8000lm, long life span up to 50000 hours, strictly in accordance with international market standards, best for bathroom lighting, dinning room and corridor lighting.

Detailed technical specifications

Operating voltage :220-240VAC
Switched power:Max.800W (capacitive)
Standby power:<1w
Warming-up time:20s
Detection area:10/50/75/100%,can be customized<20%
Hold time:5S/30S/1min/5min/10min/20min/30min, can be customized
Stand-by period:0s/10s/1min/5min/10min/30min/1h/+ ∞can be customized
Stand-by dimming level:10%/20%/30%/50% can be customized
Daylight threshold:2~50lux daylight/twilight/darkness, can be customized
Sensor principle:Microwave motion detector
Microwave frequency:5.8GHz+/-75MHz
Microwave power:<0.2mw
Detection range:Max. (ØxH): 12m x 6m
Detection angle:30.~150.
Mounting height:Max. 6m
Operating temperature:-35~+70℃
IP rating:IP 20 IP65 (mounting in Hytronik special box)
Certificate:Semko, EMC, CE, R & TTE,SAA


  1. 3 Steps Dimming Control (Corridor Function)
  2. 100H burn-in mode for fluorescent lamp
  3. Steps Dimming Control (Corridor Function)
  4. Condominium Control Function
  5. Ambient daylight threshold
  6. Zero-cross relay operation
  7. Loop-in and loop-out Microwave Motion Sensor led panel light


  • Hotels
  • Conference & meeting rooms
  • Factories & Offices
  • Commercial purposes
  • Residential & institution buildings
  • Schools, colleges & Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Places where energy saving and high color rendering index lighting are needed.

Product Detailed Images

motion sensor led panel light from China manufacturer