Project Description

BR-FS0003-75W-C04 is a versatile desktop snap-on standing desk lamp. This product has rich performance and practicality. It can realize double-sided illumination and human body/motion sensing and daylight/light sensing. When the daytime or the light is strong, the light sensing module of the standing lamp locks the infrared sensing module and the delay switch module according to the sensing value; when the night or the light is dark, the light sensing module according to the sensing value, the infrared sensing module and the delay switch The module is on standby. The human body sensing function of the luminaire can realize that when the user is in the leaving state, the power saving mode is automatically turned on for 30 minutes, and the light is bright when the person comes to the lamp, and the brightness when the memory is left is truly green, energy-saving .

Detailed technical specifications

Iltem No. LVT-FS0003-75W-C04
Size :1219*696*300mm
Input Voltage :AC200~240V,100~270V
Input Power: 75W
Power Factor: ≥0.9
Housing Color: Silver
Luminous Flux: 9000LM
Color Rendering Index :≥80
UGR: <22
Dimming type : 0/1-10V+light sensing+human body sensing
Life Time :50000
Fixture Materia: 6063AL
сст: 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K
Protection Level :IP20/IP40
Storage Temperature :﹣40℃~+80℃
Working Temperature: ﹣20℃~+50℃


1. SAA, RoHs, CE , FCC , GS , UL certified
2. Unique structure ensure no light leaking
3. Align with surface, no crack
4. Aluminum alloy, good heat dissipation and
5. Strong metal spring grip, ensure firm Installation
6. No start-up time, no flickering, no humming.
7. Die casting aluminum, good heat dissipation and no rusting in damp ambiance
8. Independent LED circuit prevents complete blackout in case an LED fails.
9. Ultra thin, available in limited space in ceiling or wall
10. White or bright ring, great appearance
11. No UV, no IR
12. Warranty: 3 years warranty from China manufacturer


  • Conference & meeting rooms
  • Factories & Offices
  • Commercial purposes
  • Residential & institution buildings
  • Schools, colleges & Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Places where energy saving and high color rendering index lighting are needed.

Product Detailed Images