Project: : HerSi Electronic Development GmbH & Co.KG Office, Germany

Loevet Lighting got a requirements.The client asked us to look initially at one area of offices within their head office building in the Germany. The lights are on virtually all day, every day; some employees start very early in the morning, others stay late at night and the cleaners work from around 4am. The company is concerned about the safety of people working in the building and therefore feels it necessary to keep the lights on at all times. There are maintenance engineers who work throughout the weekend, but they spend most of that time replacing fluorescent tubes that have failed during the week. The office’s main objectives in switching to LED are to save money on energy and reduce their carbon emissions.

  • Case LED panel light
  • 36w led panel light used in the office.

Loevet Lighting announced energy-efficient, no flicker led replacements for both traditional incandescent lamp and tube light with its UL &cUL & DLC certificated ultra-thin led panel light. Dimmable and Non-dimmable options are available.

The solution was to replace the 620 x 620 fluorescent lights, each using 84W per light, with an ultrathin 620*620mm LED panel that draws just 34W. The ultrathin 620*620mm LED panels are dimmable as standard, and used with a sensor, will reduce energy costs significantly. The panels last for around 50,000 hours and require no maintenance or lamp replacement so the maintenance engineers will be available to keep on top of other essential repairs to the building. Annual savings on electricity are significant and the ultrathin 620*620mm LED panels contribute to the company’s carbon saving so both objectives have been achieved.

Product info:
Ultrathin 620*620mm LED panels