LED panel lights with ultra-thin lamp body, also known as LED flat lights, can be suspended in the ceiling or under other installation object, it can be used in household, office building, shopping malls, supermarkets and school etc. If you are going to purchase LED panel light, what parameters of LED panel light should you pay attention to ? In this article, Shenzhen Loevet lighting will talk about some import parameters for LED panel light in the following:

  1. luminous flux:customers always pay more attention to luminous flux, because the luminous flux is light intensity, generally speaking, higher luminous flux makes stronger light intensity such as Loevet 36W 600*600mm panel light has a higher luminous flux up to 3644LM,  classified as a high-brightness LED panel light.
  2. The size of LED panel lights is usually marked as 300*300mm,600*600mm, 300*600mm, 300*1200mm, 600*1200mm If you want to purchase LED panel light, you can choose the size of LED panel light depending on the size of your lighting room.
  3. The material of LED panel light: Loevet  LED panel lights are generally made of acrylic over and aluminum alloy frame, with high light guide efficiency and uniformlight, these materials are good for heat dissipation.  At the same time, the special design makes the whole Loevet LED panel light beautiful and luxury.
  4. The chip of LED panel lights: In general, the chip of LED panel lights made in China is not ad good as imported LED chips, but the price is cheaper; imported LED chips, such as Epistar, Cree, Samsung etc,  with good quality, low light failure and long lifespan, although its price is a bit expensive, but its quality is more reliable, you can choose a  suitable LED panel light LED chip brand according to your needs.

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