LED panel light is a lighting fixture designed to replace traditional fluorescent ceiling lights. They’re among best lighting solutions for indoor lighting. The LED panel light technologies has been used for several years now, but still many people know little about LED panel lights.Today we would like to share our knowledge on led panel light.

LED panel lights normally have a light weight aluminum frame ( usually made of aluminum ) which houses three layers. The frame is an important LED panel light part since it is designed to prevent light leakage as well as to protect lighting device inside. The layers inside include LED chips,light guiding plate and diffuser. The diffuser is usually located at the front of light guiding plate, its function is to distribute light to the surface. There’s furthermore a reflector plate at the back of LED guiding plate. LED panel lights must equip a heat radiation system to ensure lighting and user safety.

The LED guiding plate is a type of optical material designed to offer bright and homony lighting when working, the guiding plate and diffuser work together to distribute bright and soft lighting,which is no humming, flickering or RF interference.

LED panel lighting usually less energy consumption compared with other lighting devices such as filament lamp or compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). According to actual testing, LED panel light are at least two times more energy saving than filament lamp and compact fluorescent light.In the meantime,most CE and UL approved led panel light with a life span of minimum 50000 hours, but traditioan filament lamp is only about 500 hours, and average life span of compact fluorescent light is about 5000 hours.

Besides, LED panel lights can be installed in various types: recessed, suspended, surface mounted, and build-in. LED panel lights can be mounted to the wall, ceiling, suspended down the roof or mounted on the surface of other objects thus making it suitable for various applications: home, offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping malls, retail stores, supermarkets, and other places.

Loevet provide super bright LED panel light by edge lit with high brightness SMD5630, SMD2835 chips from top brands like Cree, Samsung, Epistar, and Sanan. The high quality Mitsubishi light guiding plate, aluminum alloy material as well as ultra compact design enables the panel lighting fixtures to produce uniform and diffuse, anti glare lighting. We use highly efficient MEAN WELL constant current drivers, with power factor over 0.95.Available in square shape (1x1ft,1x2ft,2x2ft,1x4ft,2x4ft) and round shapes, suitable to resell and use in countries and regions all over the world.

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