With the development of society, people’s living standards improve accordingly, normal lighting has been not suitable for people’s working and living needs any more, people began to pursue a green and environmentally friendly living environment, LED panel light meets the changing consumer demand for consumers.Why people like LED panel lights ?

First of all, LED panel lights with features of energy saving and environmental protection. It has a high luminous efficiency and brightness, during lighting,LED panel light’s electro-optical conversion efficiency up to 30%-50%, which is about three to five times more higher compared with traditional filament lamp. That is to say, achieve the same brightness effect, the LED panel light 60% more energy saving compared with traditional filament lamp.In the mean time,consumes same electricity, LED panel light has higher brightness. LED panel lighting solution is a green lighting technology, which does not contain mercury and with less waste, almost no pollution during the manufacturing process .

Second, LED panel lights not only provide lighting, but also increasing beauty sense. LED panel light with unique SMD LED chips as lighting source and ultra thin frame design, plus light guide plate and diffusion plate, LED panel light has been more and more popular for its good lighting effects.

Finally, LED panel light has long life spam with less heat due to its ultra thin appearance and good cooling function,so it can effectively reduce the maintenance cost and much cost effective.some LED panel lights can also be ever more smarter.With an external controller, user can adjust the color temperature and brightness of LED panel lights,so that the light radiated can be more moderate and can protect the eyesight, light color is more moderate. So led light distributor,it is very easy to transport and install .

LED panel lights has been more and more popular after several year’s massive production and material purchasing cost reduction. As a professional LED panel lights manufacturer in Shenzhen with more than 7 years’ manufacturing experience, Loevet has been proudly provided high quality LED panel lights to customers over 120 countries and regions. We sincerely hope to expand our brand with cooperation through old and new customers.

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